I am a ceramic artist with an established studio in Northumberland, England. I've been creating ceramic sculptures since 1995 and in 2009 I decided to extend my range to include ceramic jewellery - the idea started as sort of 'wearable mini-sculptures' that would make use of the wasted space in my kiln when firing larger ceramic artworks. The designs have been proving popular and are available in a number of galleries in North-East England and Scotland. Customers and friends around the country asked about buying online so that's the reason for me 'setting up shop' here.

The creation process...

Each piece starts off as an initial drawn design and then is hand-crafted in clay. The 'Twist' range are made from tiny sheets of porcelain which I roll flat and then twist around various wooden tools to create their unique flowing design. The hearts are made from porcelain pressed into small moulds that I have created, they are then lifted out and smoothed by hand, with texture and patterns applied to some to create added visual interest. The chunky pendants are created from a black clay which adds depth to the shiny turquoise glaze.

Once finished all the pieces are left to thoroughly dry out and then fired to 1000 degreesC in my kiln. They are then dipped or painted with glaze by hand which ensures that no two will ever be exactly the same. They are then fired again in the kiln between 1220 to 1260 degreesC binding and melting the glaze onto the surface of the clay. Once they've cooled down I make them up into wearable jewellery by combining them with sterling silver jewellery chains and 'findings', satin or leather cord.