I'm an artist, from the North of England, settled in Northumberland, often found with an ever-growing stash of leaves, stones and fossils for inspiration. I love a rugged, craggy, windswept land or coastscape, this is echoed throughout my ceramic sculptures, wall art, and jewellery.

I've long been interested in how weather, time and nature (and that includes us humans) mark, change and shape the land. In the work I create and in my approach I seek to be grounded, present and mindful, inviting us all to pause awhile, to look more closely, to feel an earthy connection and perhaps to experience a small moment of quiet contemplation amidst the hurly-burly.

The ceramics process...

Most of my ranges develop initially through drawing, either from observation or from a remembered or imagined experience, sometimes a fleeting image. These sketches form a starting point for the exploration of each piece.

Each piece is constructed from clay - textured stoneware clay for most of the sculptures and tiles, smooth porcelain for the jewellery pieces. Each piece is formed, textured and decorated by hand. After drying and a first kiln firing, different oxides and glazes are applied by hand to each piece and they are then fired up to 1200 to 1260C to develop the colour/glazes. As every piece is made and coloured by hand, no two will be exactly alike, each will have its own little nuances and characteristics.


Garden Studio, The Hearth Arts Centre, Horsley, Northumberland, NE15 0NT, UK